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YES! YES! YES! Sinn, I'm ready to extract every shred of knowledge you have about Day Game! I'm ready to discover your inside secrets for meeting women in the day time that will allow me to have an abundance of hot, high quality women in my life!

Please rush me your massive "Complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program" that completely lays your step-by-step system for attracting and seducing women in the day time.

This includes the 5 DVD set of your legendary Day Game Seminar, A DVD of LIVE Infield Footage, 5 Audio CDs, and the Day Game from A to Z Master Manual.

Plus if I'm one of the first buyers I'll qualify
for your FAST-MOVER bonuses (if available).

And since I'm also responding right away please also send me the following free bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: A Special Module on how to overcome Approach Anxiety. You've recorded a special online video training session that shows me how to conquer approach anxiety once and for all. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #2: The Inner Game Report: How to Think Like A Ladies Man. This special report goes into details on the exact thought processes that separate people that are successful with women from those that aren't. This is NEW stuff that you've never shared before. A $47.00 value.

Special Bonus #3: Trouble Shooting Day Game audio CD. If there was anything about Day Game that was NOT covered on the seminar DVDs, you can be assured that we covered them here. A $127.00 value.

Special Bonus #4: Audio Interview with Vin Dicarlo on Same Day Lays. I'll find out how to meet a girl and get her in bed that same day in this interview. It's packed with very specific step-by-step strategies. A $97.00 value.

Special Bonus #5: Audio interview with Doc Holiday on how to master direct day game. Doc Holiday is a true master of Day Game. He reveals his secrets on direct-style Day Game in this exclusive interview. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #6: How to master the instant date audio CD. Instant dates are one of the keys to day game success. This special CD will show you exactly how to master the instant date. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #7: The Lay Reports Books - Limited Day Game Edition. I also get a special limited edition of your groundbreaking Lay Reports Books which has an updated section on Day Game and THREE brand new Day Game lay reports (they all occurred within the last three months).

Special Bonus #8: TWO Months Free Membership to Sinnís Inner Circle. Each month Iíll get an audio CD that goes into depth on a particular, crucial topic, an transcript of the CD, youíre Skill-set/Inner Game/Lifestyle print newsletter and more! My subscription will continue at the discounted price of $29.95 per month ($39.95 international). I can cancel at any time. (If I donít want the free month in the Inner Circle and free Inner Circle bonuses, all I have to do is click ďRemoveĒ from the shopping cart on the following page)

There's absolutely no way I can lose because my investment is completely protected by your 180 day money-back guarantee.

First, I have 6 full months to check out everything, listen, read, watch, etc. And if for any reason I don't feel like this is the best program of it is kind, I can sent it back for a prompt and courteous refund.

On that totally risk-free basis, here's my order for your "Complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program."

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